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About us

China Special Steel limited is a high-tech enterprise who set production, research, development of special alloy materials together. The production base is located in Zhe Jiang province of China, was founded in 1992 year.

Our Company specializing in the production of high resistance electrothermal alloy, high temperature resistant alloy, precision alloy, Nickel base alloy, heat-resistant steel materials,  special welding wire, stainless steel and other materials, our annual production capacity of 5000 tons, the product available are : wire, bar, strip, hot rolled plate, cold rolled sheet, pipe, tube profiles and other products. Products are widely used in industrial furnace, boiler, petrochemical, aerospace, ships, machinery, electronic instruments and other industries. the use of characteristics: high resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti fatigue, products can be in accordance with the national standard, trade standard and foreign standard to organize production, but also can provide corresponding products according to the special needs of customers. In 2003 our mill through the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Our Company keeps advanced equipment. The major equipments are 1T vacuum induction furnace, 100 kg vacuum induction furnace, 2T/1T medium frequency induction melting furnace, 1T/500kg electroslag remelting furnace, 20 sets of 30kg electroslag remelting furnace and two sets of hammer, a full set of cold rolling steel strip production line, VVVF wiredrawing unit, variable frequency speed control of hydrogen annealing production line line and other advanced equipment, physical and chemical laboratory and have spectrometer, Jin Xiangyi, detector, tensile testing machine and experimental equipment.

In recent years we are continuing develop new technology and new products, new technologies, explore, and several research institutes cooperation development, achievements. We have  provided special steel materials and parts to a number of international key projects.

We are adhering to the "quality - oriented, win-win cooperation, innovation, scientific development" business philosophy, strict implementation of international standards, close to the international advanced level, with the quality of the products and high quality service to customer satisfaction.

About Us
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