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UNS N08926 alloy steel

UNS N08926 alloy steel
UNS N08926 alloy steel
UNS N08926 alloy material Equal material :
Germany brand:W.Nr.1.4529,X1NiCrMoCu< br> British brand:X1NiCrMoCu
France brand:X1NiCrMoCu
UNS N08926 under the conditions of containing halide, and research and development of high chromium molybdenum special stainless steel of high corrosion resistance. Because of its high molybdenum content, so it has a very highresistance to pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion resistance, and can be widely used in harsh conditions such as high temperature, sea water environment. Some cases are comparable to those obtained and harts alloy and titanium plate, high efficiency stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.Acid medium UNS N08926 is suitable for the existence of all kinds of industrial occasions. Due to low carbon content,its also has excellent resistanceto intergranular corrosion. Especially in acid containing halide, UNS N08926 is better than ordinary stainless steel, can be used in the medium containing high concentrations of chloride ion, stress caused by chloride ion corrosion, pitting and crevice corrosion has excellent corrosion resistance
UNS N08926 Stainless steel Chemical components

UNS N08926 % Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si Cu Mo N P S
Min 24 19 Balance 0.5 6.0 0.15
Max 26 21 0.02 2 0.5 1.5 7.0 0.25 0.03 0.01
UNS N08926 Physical properties:
UNS N08926 alloy steel Density : 8.1 g/cm3
UNS N08926 alloy steel melting point : 1320-1390 degree
UNS N08926 minimum mechanical properties value at room temperature
Alloy and state Tensile strength MPa Yield strength MP Elongation A5 %
UNS N08926 650 295 35

UNS N08926alloy steel features:
1. In the halide medium and acid medium containing H2S has a high resistance to pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion performance
2. In the actual application can effectively resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking
3. In most of oxidation and reduction environment of various corrosion has excellent corrosion resistance
4. The mechanical properties of the Cronifer 1925 LC - 904 L Alloy has large improvement
5. 18% compared with series of nickel content in alloy metallurgy stability are improved greatly
6. Used in pressure vessel manufacturing related certification (VdTUV - 196 - 400 degree and ASME certification)
UNS N08926 alloy steel application scope of application areas are:
UNS N08926 is a kind of multi-purpose material, can be applied in many fields of industry:
1. The fire control system, water purification systems, hydraulic and perfusion in ocean engineering piping system
2. The cellulose pulp bleaching pool in production
3. The corrosive oil Wells in the polished rod
4. The hose systems in ocean engineering
5. Acidic gas in the production of pipe, joint, air system, etc
6. In the flue gas desulfurization system components
7. Phosphoric acid in the production of the evaporator, heat exchanger, filter, mixer, etc
8. Sulfuric acid separation and the cooling system
9. Concentration and crystallization salt evaporator
10. Use the condensing water cooling water of power plant and pipeline system
11. Container transport corrosive chemicals
12. The use of organic derivatives of acid chloride catalyst production
13. Reverse osmosis desalination plants

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