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High temperature high strength alloy steel N08811 HT

High temperature high strength alloy steel N08811 HT

High temperature high strength alloy steel N08811 HT
 N08811 is a fully austenitic low-carbon nickel - iron - chromium alloy in the same series of With N08811, the cobalt content of alloy can be strictly controlled under 0.01%. N08811 ability a lot of corrosion medium corrosion. Its high content of nickel in the aqueous corrosion condition has the very good resistance to stress corrosion cracking performance. N08811alloy steel usually applied in nitric acid condenser, nitric acid corrosion resistance, steam heating pipe and so one which request 500 degree working environment. N08811 alloy steel usually be delivered with annealed state.
1. N08811 equal material:W.Nr.1.4876, X10NiCrAlTi3220, NA15, Z8NC32.21, FeNi32Cr21AlTi, X 8 NiCrAlTi 32-21, Incoloy 800, W.Nr.1.4959. HT
2. 2. N08811 Chemical composition

% Ni Cr Fe Mo Co C Mn Si S P Cu Al Ti
min 30.0 19.0       0.06           0.15 0.15
max 35.0 23.0 39.5     0.1 1.5 1.0 0.015   0.75 0.60 0.60

3. N08811 Physical properties :
N08811 alloy steel Density: 8.0g/cm3
N08811 alloy steel Melting temperature range :1350-1400 degree
4. N08811 Mechanical properties at room temperature (minimum)

N08811 alloy steel product specifications yield strength RP0.2 N/mm2 yield strength RP1.0 N/mm2 Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 elongation A50% hardness HB
cold rolling strip hot rolled plate 0.5-6.4 240 265 585 30 <=200
5-100 135-165
bar Cold working Hot working 1.6-64  
>100-240 220 250 550 35
pipe Cold working Hot working 64-240 180 - 530 30 -
5-100 240 265 585 30
Condensation and heat exchanger 16-76

5. Application: N08811 alloy steel are widely used in various industrial sectors whose working temperature does not exceed 550 degree. Typical applications are:
sulfuric acid pickling factories with the heating pipe, containers, baskets, and chain, etc.
water cooling heat exchanger, Marine products pipeline system, acidic gas pipeline environment.
heat exchanger in phosphoric acid production, evaporator, washing, dip tube, etc.
air heat exchanger in petroleum refining
food engineering
chemical process
and high pressure oxygen flame retardant alloy application.

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